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Monday, January 25, 2010


On the advent of 61st year of India’s inauguration as a republic, let me show you how slavery is still looming on Indians under the head of collectivism.
Indian constitution ascertains certain rights for all Individuals of the country. It has been explained many times that not a single right provisioned in the Indian Constitution can be maintained without recognizing the right to property as the fundamental right.
If you want to express freely, you need your own property premises to express, if you are a nudist and you wish to dance nude, you may do it in your home, or in a membership club which allows you to enjoy and express yourself freely at a certain charge. If you wish to roam naked freely on street, it certainly is not possible as street is not your property.
Indian Constitution does not recognize any sort of property rights and that is why the basic natural rights are not achievable for Indians, India recognizes certain rights based on emotions rather than reason.
As for example, a painter certainly have a right to paint, yet he do not have right to paint whatever he want. He has to be sure that his painting may not hurt any other person’s religious, moral or any other sort of emotions. If he fails to take care of various kinds of rational/irrational emotions of various kinds of people, he can be attacked and brutally beaten and the government in place of securing that painter’s or writer’s or actor’s right to express, will force him/ her out of state/country, because if he lives in India, it hurts the emotions of certain sect of Indians.

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