Thursday, January 28, 2010


POVERTY, CORRUPTION, poor infrastructure, illiteracy, child labour and a horde of other abominable factors have plagued our country for a long time now. But how many of us have realised the need to actually bring about a reformation in society to curb these retrogressive elements? Just a handful. Yuva-Unstoppable, a non-profit organisation, is just one among the few. The organisation spearheaded a movement to make the country’s youth more affable in their approach to society.

The motive was to help the youth become kinder by adopting the ‘pass it on’ concept. Yuva provided a platform to volunteer and involve them in random acts of kindness such as buying ice-cream for a policeman, cleaning local neighbourhoods, giving roses to strangers on streets and the like. It is aimed at inspiring people to change the world by being kinder; to create a mega decentralised kindness movement all over the world.

Yuva unstoppable is a volunteer bank in itself, which helps various non-government organisations (NGOs) to enlighten the lives of poor children. “We do not believe that today’s youth is useless, they are just used less. If you contribute just two hours of your 168 hours in the week on our project, you can help make a difference to society and spread smiles,” said Amitabh Shah, founder, Yuva-Unstoppable.

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