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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Line Following Robot

Hi friends.....! back again and this time going to proceed with my dreams. Please dont think on such manner like wet dreams, i can say this as my passion and a seasonal interest too. A Line following robot, Look how energetic while saying the name since. These robo's are perfect movers with the environmental knoweledge.
They just dont follow the lines but if you made them follow a line for once the next time it would perform with a tremendous torque take a look at this...

If you started learning the taste of it it will be treating with atmost all the flavours you think off.
So thinking why i'm speakin about this, surely i will say the thing is most recently i've started tasting this concept so my words will be of beginers botique. But i 've set a goal as to built a Line follower robot by my own. So i make this as a open public statement by which it would drive me to fullfill my dream.

Mr.Public.... This is Aryan, And i will Keep my Promises. (Thanks to SRK)


  1. dude i am into the same dream as u r ... i also wanna build a line following robot ... i will start on 10th june after my exams r over ... and have to complete it in a month for a competition ... maybe we could help each other out ...

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