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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mozilla Firefox Campus Rep

Hi friends im not only glad to say this but also on greater excitement because ARAVINDHAN P none but me has been selected as " MOZILLA FIREFOX CAMPUS REP" a prestigious post to hire. I hope everyone of u might be happy with my efforts and i wanna say this to get a high support from your side so please listen to me.

To enhance my status on this program i need to conduct many number of conferences, sessions,
marketing so and so. I need your hands to shine on this events because you were going to be my audience and you gonna be the participants on all the events which is made to be forwarded by me and my team.

There is no special criteria to join, so every one of them were pleasefully welcomed from my side to join this community. While saying about events it will be just like this "I came, I see, I conquered"
You need not to be a high level programmer, or a geek on networks and database administration. Be cool to participate and hopefully take back some goodies.

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