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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

FOSSmeet at calicut days awaiting for...

This is gonna be our first experience on such a big fest of life time. Yes its the FOSSmeet'10 at calicut, Kerela.Though me and my buddies have attended a number of technical symposium and national level tech fest like Aarush conducted by SRM university this one is the first participation of my team over other state.

With the same eagerness and anxiety of my readers myself too wanna see what's going to be happened there, how the arrangements will be, who are the deligates gonna visit and an entire visual treat we might be spending there all these stuffs made me a finger bittening mannerism while writting this article itself .

So, friends as per my hero VIVEKANANDA's quote "More you wait , Much you gain" i request you all to wait for some time and we will be hopefully moving by tommorow night and spending 3 days at calicut [feb 5-7] and on a sudden i return my first and foremost job is to upload the great experience we had there.

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