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Friday, February 12, 2010

Dictionary Attack

Normally the word hacking terms different on different places. I used to say this because mostely teen'agers were attracted by this word. Okay lets jump back to the business, Hacking is not all about cracking but also some thing breaking or tracking.Pity tough to understand it seems ok hacking is all about knowingly or unknowingly intruding into your own system or some others. What is the relation between the hacking and dictionary, attack....
I would like to ellaborate a common scenario, usally account holders on any of the mail system will be provided with an username and a password. But accidentally your password might be lost or misused or even sometimes you might feel that "My password is quite insecure, I need to change this" for all these options surely you must know your password for editing even. I have seen many of my friends had lost their account due to their carelessness. During those circumstances we would normally go for a DICTIONARY ATTACK. The word itself summarises what is what. Yes its an software available freely on site...just google it , and it possess a large number of words combinations for some of the usually used passwords. Make use of it and better avail your password from others sight and rock on....

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