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Sunday, February 7, 2010

FOSS a mind blowing Xperience

Gone with a high expectation and got a double triple mazza right there at NIT calicut campus. Spending about 3 days on a heaven without being recognizing where we are will be surely an un-avoidable scenario on my life diary.

Now its time to say about for what cause we gone there. Actually FOSS meet an national level movement for improving open source software with a big bang to the mass audience, none but general computer users. As a part of it we, the developing brains of India in the field of information technology have no other go than developing our verdict towards the open source.

So it has begun the era of open source we were pulled off towards the sorts of carrer developing strategies without no other choice. The world is awaitening for such kinds of users who will be given privilege to edit, alter and use the application on his own. And now what are you waiting for just kid-up and make a move on towards mere future.

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